We make things that move


About SimpleMotion

SimpleMotion is founded on the mission to make things that move, simply.

We are a design engineer team that specialises in designing automation systems for your industrial, architectural or artistic application. 

We build automation systems that integrate into the networked world we now live in. Our user interfaces are as easy as your mobile apps or your games controller to use, our hardware is modular, expandable and works out of the box and our software enables you to create the experience you want safely and reliably.

Our team have been in the business of making things move for over 20 years. SimpleMotion staff have made Olympic rings fly across stadiums for opening ceremonies, designed revolves that drive carousels and theatrical productions and designed user experiences that range from the BBC's digital world through to a London wide art show viewed from the top deck of a bus. 

Between us we are designers, engineers, computer scientists, artists, mechanics, electricians and production managers and our casual team includes some of the world's best riggers, fitters and designers.