Managing Director - Principal

An Engineer, Computer Scientist and Theatre Practitioner, Greg has been delivering awe-inspiring automation experiences across the globe for over 30 years. A passionate innovator to the core, he strives to combine his exceptional understanding of spectacle with the latest in technology, to create truly immersive stories for the eyes of audiences. As SimpleMotion’s Managing Director, Greg is dedicated to leading the team to continually evolve and nail the mission of making things that move, simply.



Commercial Manager

Pella has produced theatre, musical theatre, festival pieces and events in Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She has enjoyed being part of the respective teams creating new Australian works: King Kong, Strictly Ballroom (Global Creatures); Priscilla Queen Of The Desert (BRP); and The Age I’m In (Force Majeure). But her favourite stories are from Hulkamania – Let the Battle Begin (CSEG), in which she toured the country wrangling the likes of Hulk Hogan, Brutus Beefcake and Vampire Warrior. Pella, now an old hand at managing the mysterious, has joined SimpleMotion to wrangle contracts, budgets, schedules and the resident genii.



Solutions / Engineering

With over a decade of experience in designing and installing entertainment and architectural control systems across a large number of international venues and installations, technical solutions is Jonathan’s forté. He’s a licensed electrician with certifications in voice and data communications, as well as various control systems. Previously he has been a Project Engineer for State Automation based at the Sydney Opera House and has now joined SimpleMotion in the Solutions and Engineering teams.




Having just completed his second decade in the entertainment industry, Rob continues what he calls his “natural evolution to become an Engineer”. After 15 years of lighting, rigging, and a dash of automation, Rob took some time out to complete a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and earn himself a seat in the design department of SimpleMotion. Unable to ignore his passion for live productions, Rob took one last lap around the country on a magic carpet, returning to SimpleMotion with greater inspiration and even more motivation to undertake his degree in Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering.



Workshop Manager / Manufacturing

With over 20 years experience as a qualified Carpenter, Garreth has made his mark in the building industry, working on a vast range of projects from bank renovations, all the way to multi-million dollar homes. On completing his apprenticeship in Glasgow, he worked throughout Scotland and England, before deciding to try his hand in the theatre industry in 2013. He joined the SimpleMotion Team in 2015 and has since been involved with several of our biggest projects, building his way up to being our very talented Workshop Manager.



Software Development / Control System Design

Being involved in lighting, sound, video and automation, Michael has a strong connection to and deep interest in the entertainment industry. He first completed his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering/Science at UNSW, whilst being heavily involved with their Theatre Society. This inspired him to go on and complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Technical Theatre and Stage Management at NIDA. Upon completion of his studies, Michael joined the SimpleMotion team as an intern in 2016. During his time here, Michael has worked on some incredible projects; highlights include installing and operating the automation for the Asian Games Opening Ceremony in Indonesia, and building the revolve for STC's production of Chimerica.



Manufacturing / Design

A graduate of NIDA’s Staging Program, Kieren has a strong focus on the technical design and fabrication aspects of theatrical shows. He kicked off his career working at SimpleMotion as an automation technician, and has since been a vital part of the team in helping manufacture major projects, including Muriel’s Wedding, The Wizard of Oz, and Jersey Boys. With excellent problem-solving skills, he is constantly looking to learn and is always on the move, striving to incorporate people’s ideas into practical solutions.




Barney has been creating, designing, building and re-working entertainment electronics in several different disciplines for years. He has contributed to special effects for theme parks, interactive installations for museums and galleries, and a bit of secret magician’s business! Barney worked in the lasershow industry for nearly a decade, and was involved in developing a reliable, modular laser projector system that is ideal for touring shows, festivals, cruise ships and outdoor watershow spectaculars. He was most recently located at the Sydney Opera House, designing and commissioning control systems for lighting and staging machinery, occasionally coaxing elderly machinery back to operation. He is enjoying his work with SimpleMotion, putting all of these skills to use in diverse applications.