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Creative innovation through engineering

What we do

SimpleMotion delivers creative and innovative solutions through automation, robotics and lighting applications for your industrial, architectural or artistic endeavour. 

Through engineering best practice, creativity and experience, and by listening carefully to our clients’ needs, SimpleMotion designs, manufactures and implements unique end-to-end solutions that meet, and often exceed expectations.  

How we do it

Process is integral to everything we do. By using the latest techniques in 3D Modelling, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Machining (CAM) to facilitate digital prototyping and digital twin design for manufacturing, we can deliver complex solutions quickly and accurately.  

We relish the challenges that our diverse clients ask us to meet every day. 

Who we are

Our talented People have a wealth of experience implementing automation and robotics for industry, theatre and large-scale events.  

Between us we are engineers, computer scientists, software developers, carpenters, machinists, electricians, designers, artists, and production professionals. All have tenacity and the ability to solve the problems that others refuse to accept.   

Ready to take the next step?

From your initial ideas, we can generate concepts into practical, deliverable designs, meeting the project’s budget and schedule without compromising creativity.

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