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Paula Le Dieu
a lotta years
Director | Chief Digital officer | aunty

Paula is a digital specialist and evangelist with more than 20 years experience designing and delivering some of the world's most successful and innovative digital services. Paula is happiest when she is designing complex systems that reflect her design ethos of 'delightful utility'. Paula is currently working on SimpleMotion's organisation design and innovation practice as well as your projects.

al forster
Engineer | theatrical technical director | dad

chris younger
computer scientist | dad

nick jones
Cert 3 - electrical
electrician | dad


freelance team

Over the years, we have met and worked with the best. So we made a point of keeping in contact with people and now have an amazing team of freelance folks that we can call on. Riggers, fitters, turners, carpenters, graphic designers, software programmers, lighting designers, projection designers, writers, engineers, illustrators, costumers, prop-makers, scenic designers, automation operators, technical directors, mechanics, animators, games designers, social media strategists and on and on. They all know what it means to deliver something great.

Gregory Gowans
Dip. B|Eng(hons). B|AppSci
Director | Chief Engineering officer | uncle

Greg is an engineer, computer scientist and theatre practitioner with more than 25 years delivering automation experiences around the world. Greg, always with an eye on the story to be told, combines his exceptional understanding of spectacle, with the very latest technology to create experiences that are awe inspiring. Happiest when he is innovating, Greg is currently working on our SimpleProducts.

angela mulcahy
business manager | stage manager | mum

kenji oates
design engineer | animator | creative technologist | dad

paul mulcahy
senior theatrical technician | production manager | dad


We love our suppliers. We ask a lot of them as we always need something that isn't quite standard. But over the years we have found suppliers that are just as excited as we are about pushing their skills and materials just that little bit further in order to deliver something truly inspiring.