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Elevating the Stage: &Juliet - Sydney

In the enchanting world of theatre, where creativity meets technical prowess, &Juliet stands out as a masterpiece of automation. Behind the scenes, a team orchestrated a ballet of movement, using six chain motors and three hoists to seamlessly hoist set pieces and performers into the spotlight.

With precision timing and cutting-edge technology, characters soared through the air, captivating audiences with their grace and precision.

Control was paramount. Every movement, every cue, was meticulously programmed and synchronised by the automation team, ensuring that the vision of &Juliet's creators came to life flawlessly.

Despite challenges, from technical glitches to last-minute adjustments, the team's dedication never wavered. Their resilience was the unsung hero of &Juliet, shaping its success behind the scenes.

&Juliet's automation was more than just technical wizardry—it was a testament to the limitless possibilities when creativity and innovation collide on stage. From soaring performers to dynamic set pieces, it left an indelible mark on all who experienced its magic.

SimpleMotion designed, manufactured, controlled and installed the performer flying, revolve lift, balcony lift plus many other elements for this truly spectacular production of & Juliet at the Sydney Lyric Theatre.


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