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SimpleMotion's Modular Aluminium Automated Revolve

Quick Setup, No Fuss

Installation is a breeze, taking just 4 hours. The lightweight aluminium build ensures durability without the unnecessary weight. Less time setting up means more time for what matters – your production.

Size That Fits All

With a diameter range of 5m to 7.6m, this revolve adapts to different stage sizes effortlessly. Whether you're staging a play or showcasing a car, it’s got you covered.

Programming for Your Needs

Fully programmable, it caters to your specific requirements using Simplicity. No matter your application or queue, customise it to suit your production. Simple and effective.

Industry-Driven Engineering

Tailored engineering for various industries – from theatres to car showcases. It's not about one-size-fits-all; it's about meeting the specific demands of your industry.

Streamlined Performance

SimpleMotion's aluminium automated revolve is about getting the job done efficiently. Quick setup, adaptable sizing, programmable features, and industry-specific engineering – it's a tool to streamline your performance.


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