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Moulin Rouge, On The Move!

Get ready to pop the champagne, the Moulin Rouge move from Sydney to the Crown Perth is almost complete! SimpleMotion developed, manufactured and installed the shows automation elements in multiple locations around Australia.

After sold-out seasons in Melbourne and Sydney, the logistical operation to transport the show from Sydney to Perth involved more than 30 trucks weighing 50 tonnes each. Crossing the Nullarbor with all the SimpleMotion designed, engineered and manufactured automation elements including SimpleMotion Winches, Racks, Controllers and Control Surfaces as well as almost 800 individual costume pieces plus wigs, set, props and instruments.

Also transported was more than 2 kilometres of hand-painted red festoon lighting with 3500 light bulbs, the famous blue elephant which stands taller than a real elephant at more than five metres, 12 huge chandeliers and a windmill that took over two months to make.

FUN FACT: The set took 250 hours and nearly 7000 man-hours to install. The “Moulin Rouge!” sign greeting theatre goers when they step inside the auditorium is a 370-kilogram single-piece behemoth requiring 15 people to box/unbox and move it.


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