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NightSky House

Client: Peter Stutchbury Architecture

Location: Blackheath NSW

The client’s brief for this new residential project high in the Blue Mountains was unique: a sustainable house that lets him travel to the stars, while also being accessible and adaptable for life with a disability. After a detailed selection process, he finally chose Peter Stutchbury and his team to undertake the work.

The dramatic vaulted ceiling dominates the main living space, which is generous in size to enable easy wheelchair movement between kitchen, dining table and sitting area. Punched high into the vault, a huge, elliptical skylight is undeniably the hero piece of the house.

Working closely with the architects, Peter Stutchbury Architecture, SimpleMotion designed, engineered, manufactured and installed an automated skylight to open a portal in the roof.

Unusually, the design did not have any glass to allow the owner of the house to use their telescope to view the stars, while still keeping their house warm and watertight when closed.

The huge, elliptical skylight – the undeniable hero piece of Night Sky – is unglazed and opens via a steel shutter on the roof.


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